Chlorinator SM-108 Stand Base Mounting

Chlorinator SM-108 Stand Base Mounting


The SM 108 Model SBM Chlorinator is designed for Continuous & constant flow of Chlorine / Sulphur dioxide or Ammonia Gas in fully vacuum mode, designed with vacuum controller chamber, flow meter, gas flow control valve, Chlorine / Water pressure gauges, a gas filter, a injector to connect motive water, and point of application.

Principle of Operation

In SM-108 Model the Chlorinator is operated under vacuum .The vacuum created in the injector by water pressure passes through PVC piping / tubing to the vacuum regulator chamber via control valve Gas from Cylinder / Tonner passes through PVC coated copper tubing & enters a gas filter assembly where moisture and foreign particles are removed and send to differential vacuum regulator. Here, the diaphragm assembly dislocates inlet valve with the help of vacuum on one side, atmosphere pressure on the other and allows the gas to flow through flow meter via control valve where the flow rate of gas can be adjusted manually.
The gas passes to the injector where it is mixed with water in the mixing chamber and the solutions is discharged to the point of applications. If the water supply to the injector fails or any block in vacuum the inlet valve inside vacuum regulator assembly immediately isolates the gas under pressure and stops the flow of gas even though the cylinder valve is open and the gas inside the system is exhausted through the vent via relief valve.

Areas of Application

  • Water Filtration Plants
  • Cooling Water Systems
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Industrial Effluent treatment

Material of Construction

Cabinet Self Coloured Fibre Glass
Filter stainless steel body with inside PTFE Silver Metal coating & fine glass wool.
Gauge Isolators Stainless steel body separated by PTFE / silver / diaphragm filled with oil.
Vacuum Controller UHMWHDPE chambers with PTFE diaphragm & silver / Monel intel valve, also Teflon seating with hastelloy "C" spring.
Flow Meter Borosilicate glass tube with teflon / glass float.
Injector PVC body with hastelloy "C" spring loaded check valve.

Installation Offerings

  • Equipment Erection, Testing & Commissioning On-site
  • PVC / Carbon steel pipe & fitting modifications to on site requirement
  • Booster pump for high vacuum requirements
  • Flow meter Calibration for high chlorine requirements
  • Safety Equipment - Gas Masks, Chlorine Leak Arresting Kits. FRP Scrubbers
  • Auto Shutoff of Gas flow when break in vacuum flow

Technical Data

Meter Ratio 20 : 1
Water Pipe Connection 32" Dia G.I. / PVC Water Inlet 40" Dia C / PVC, solution line.
Vacuum Tubing 9mm ID soft polyethylene tube
Maximum Working Pressure 15kg / cm2
Maximum Working Back Pressure 7kg / cm2
Shipping weight 40kg
Dimension H'5 x W 1.5' x D1'
SM 207 SMPC Chlorinator needs water line pressure of 4 kg /cm2 to feed in gravity way otherwise booster pump is required as per site condition