About Us

Established in 1999 under the visionary leadership of Mr. Manoj M. Patil (B.E.), a polymer engineer from M.I.T. (Engg. College), Pune (India), the company is devoted to offer world-class water treatment solutions. We have specialized in offering best quality chlorinators and we offer a complete line of water chlorination systems encompassing all major technologies. We provide full system support in equipment(chlorinators) installation and after sales service. At SM POLYMERS, we believe that Water Filteration Plants, Chemical Industries, ETP , STP, cooling tower water , swimmig pools have specific need in water treatent therefore we employ an approach to meet individual water treatment requirements. We are headed by young and dynamic engineers, who believe in continuous R & D to improve quality of our products. Our motto is quality and timely service at most competitive prices that has enabled us in effectively serving our clients.

Our Services and Other Products Apart from manufacturing chlorination systems, we are also engaged in providing a host of related services like :

Other Related Accessories

Apart from our regular product range, we also offer a comprehensive collection of related accessories for chlorination based water treatment systems. We offer :

Our Product Range

We are specialized in manufacturing of vacuum operated as well as pressure type Gas Chlorinators like Stand Base Mounting, cylinder Mounting and Floor Mounting Chlorinators, Chlorine Cylinders & Air Breathing in various capacities ranging from 100 gms / hr to 35 kg / hr or customized as per clients' requirements. We also offer other related products like bleaching dozers, hypo dozers and alum dozers.
Our chlorinators are fabricated from highly non corrosive, pressure resistance, tough polymers and virgin plastic materials which includes UHMWHDPE, PTFE, Monal, PVC, Borosilicate Glass, Hastelloy "C", PVDF, VITON etc.

Our World Class Quality

Quality is our prime objective, and as a quality centric organization, we have set high standards for quality and reliability for our products and services. We strive to maintain these standards in all our products and services. We ensure that quality is not only maintained throughout our production process but is also experienced while its use by the end consumer who is at the terminal of our supply chain. We have a well trained team of quality experts who vigilantly monitor every stage of our production process and during services as well. To summarize, quality is the basic factor of our corporate culture, which is reflected in all our endeavors.

Our Sophisticated Infrastructure

We are located in Thane, near Mumbai which the industrial capital if India. We have a well furnished premises and ultra modern production facilities equipped with state of the art machineries. Our manufacturing plant design caters to the stringent requirements of “international standards of manufacturing practices” as laid down by laws and other accepted international norms.
We have an extensive infrastructure including latest devices and equipment that operate and control our production process right from preliminary processing to packaging in the most advanced manner. Our modern facilities empower us to meet the bulk order of our clients on time.

Research and Development

We understand that to sustain our leading position in the industry, it is important that we regularly upgrade and enhance our facilities, equipment and products by research and development activities. We endeavor to regularly innovative water treatment systems to meet the dynamic demands of changing industry scenario. For this, we have acquired considerable creative and technical expertise and have done substantial investment in research and development.

Our team of research scientists are involved in research to innovate best technologies which cater to the the industrial demands. We have the support of our sophisticated research facilities and have a complete laboratory comprising scientific equipment that aid in our R&D activities and come up with advanced products.

Our Achievements and Projects

We are proud to mention that Gas Chlorinators designed and manufactured by us have been installed and successfully working at present in :