SM-117 Cylinder Mounted Chlorinator

SM-117 Cylinder Mounted Chlorinator


The Cylinder mounted vacuum type gas chlorinator SM-117 is designed for assuring safety & Space saving Chlorinator, consist of vacuum regulator, rotameter,flow control valve, Yoke clamp to connect directly on cylinder A gas filter, a injector assembly vent & vacuum tubing of 5 meters.

Principle of Operation

Water Under pressure passes through injector cause vacuum, which open spring loaded diaphragm check valve. Vacuum passes through vacuum tubing to the chlorinator When cylinder/Tonner valve open chlorine passes through self aligned yoke gas filter where foreign particles are removed if present, chlorine gas passes to regulator where the cylinder pressure is controlled by the inlet valve assembly When vacuums adjusted by control valve vacuum opened the inlet valve with the help of diaphragm assembly and allowed chlorine gas to passes through flow meter where flow can be adjusted an to injector & point of application. If any break in the vacuum line occur the system automatically shut off the chlorine gas supply.

Material Of Construction

Totally non corrosive materials are used in chlorinator such as UHMWHDPE, PTFE (Teflon), monal, PVC, Borosilicate Glass, Hastelloy "C", PVDF, VITON etc

Technical Data

Meter Ratio 20 : 1
Water Pipe Connection 32" Dia G.I. / PVC Water Inlet 40" Dia C / PVC, solution line.
Vacuum Tubing 9mm ID soft polyethylene tube
Maximum Working Pressure 15kg / cm2
Maximum Working Back Pressure 7kg / cm2
Shipping weight 40kg
Dimension H'5 x W 1.5' x D1'
SM 207 SMPC Chlorinator needs water line pressure of 4 kg /cm2 to feed in gravity way otherwise booster pump is required as per site condition

Areas of Application

  • Water Filtration Plants
  • Cooling Water Systems
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Industrial Effluent treatment

Installation Offerings

  • PVC / Polythene Pipe / Tubing for Vacuum Supply
  • Liquid / moisture trap for chlorine gas
  • C. S. Piping / Copper Tubing
  • Booster pump, Chlorine Test Kit
  • Erection and Commissioning
  • Annual Maintenance Contract for any make
  • Non return valve, strainer etc